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Project Description

Do you often use outlook to schedule meetings with associates / contacts who are in locations around the world. This outlook add-in displays the meeting time in local time for each unique time zone from the meeting attendees.
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This outlook add-in displays adds a new region to the bottom of an appointment or meeting notice that displays the local time for each unique time zone from the meeting attendees.


Installation Instructions
User Guide Outlook2007DIT.pdf


  • As attendees are added to the meeting request the International Times region is updated with the local times for the locations of the attendees
  • Each unique city, state, country combination is associated with a time zone and stored for future reference. IE. Once a combination has been assigned a time zone by the user that combination will no longer need to be resolved to a time zone.
  • A dialog box is presented to the user when a new location is discovered that presents the user with a list of the cities in that time zone based on the location.


Just release with Release Candidate 2.0

A new page to the appointment that shows a color coded map of the business hours for all time zones represented in the appointment. Making it easier to find a time when all parties are at work.


Technology Summary

  • Visual Studio 2008
  • .NET VB VSTO Add-In
  • Outlook Form Adjacent Regions
  • REST Web Services

Somewhat Interesting Problems Solved

Somewhat Interesting Problems Solved
  • Handling a combox box selection changed event when the comboxbox is in the datagridview control
  • Using an XML namespace to parse XML returned by Google earth web service
  • Getting to properties through a property accessor in the outlook object model


To create the online help and the PDF help file I used a cool tool from It took less the an hour to download, figure it out, and create my first draft of documentation. Albeit my documentation is rather sparse.

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